How to Apply Lipstick That Will Last All Day

A touch of lipstick can completely transform the way that you look. You can choose to use a colour that is muted which would be suitable for the daytime or you could opt for a stronger colour if you have plans for the evening.

To ensure that you get the most out of your lipstick, it is really important to know how to apply it properly so that it will last as long as possible look amazing.

There are several ways in which you can apply lipstick. You can put it on straight from the tube which is great when are out and about as this is the quick as easy solution. Alternatively you could take the following steps so that the application will last all day long. This is the way that a professional make up artist would apply make up and as this is their business, then who better to learn from.

The following steps may take a little time to perfect but the more that you do it then the quicker the whole process will become and you will be out the door within minutes.

Apply Foundation to Lips

In order to prepare the lips for colour, you want to make sure that the base is primed. This means getting rid of any surplus makeup or oils that will cause the lipstick to slide off. You can use a small sponge or your finger to dab a little foundation on.

Use a Lip Liner Pencil

There are two main reasons for using a lip pencil. One is so that your lipstick will stay in place and not bleed out. The second reason is if you need to or want to adjust the size and appearance of your lip then using a lip liner will help you to create the right shape.

Your lip liner pencil should be the same shade as the lipstick that you will be using. Make sure that it has been sharpened and simply follow the natural contour of your lips. If you are increasing or decreasing the size of yours it will take a little longer to ensure that you produce the right affect.

Apply The Lipstick with A lip Brush

Now it is time to fill in your lip colour. The best way to get an even coverage is to use a lip brush. This will ensure that you apply the lipstick in thin layers and you can control the amount so that you do not spill over the outline that you have created with the lip liner pencil. Take your time so that the colour is evenly distributed.

Blot with a Tissue & Reapply

Once you have completed the first layer, take a tissue and press it between your lips. This to done to remove any excess colour and to even out the look. Then repeat the process of applying your lipstick with your lip brush. Apply a little loose powder to set it in place and you are done. The colour has been perfectly applied and your lipstick should last all day long.

Add a Lick of Gloss

If you would like to add a little shimmer and shine to your lips, you can choose use a little lip gloss. Dab it on carefully and the job is complete.


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