The Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

There are so many different shades of lipsticks to choose from, it can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming. When choosing the right color the things that you will most probably want to take into consideration will include the product brand, the cost of the lipstick but most importantly, the correct shade for your skin tone.

Once you know which colors you should be looking for, you will be able to narrow done the options opened to you and you will be one step closer to finding the perfect lip color.

The two things that you need to know is the type of skin tone you have and whether it contains warm or cool undertones. Here is a simple explanation of each of the skin tones. You should be able to determine quite quickly which group you belong to.

What is Your Skin Tone?

Skin tones can be categorized into 4 general groups. It is fair to say that some women may find themselves falling in between two groups as this is not an exact science due to the fantastic array of skin tones that humans can have.

Fair Skin Tone

Women with fair skin will usually have undertones of pink in the shading. This type of skin will typically burn quite quickly in the sun. Products with pink and blue undertones would work well for this type of colouring.

Perfect Color Choices for Fair Skin

Lipsticks that women with this shade should look for include pale shades such as light browns and beige. Find products that have a pink undertone to compliment your complexion. Women with this shade can also look good using deep colors such as wine red and plum which have blue undertones. This will give you a dramatic look that is reminiscent of the movies stars of the 1940s.

Light to Medium Skin Tone

This is the shade that the majority of women with Caucasian skin will have. This is also the skin tone that would describe the type of skin that Asian women and those who are mixed race have. The undertones would be shades of yellow.

Perfect Colour Choices for Light to Medium Skin Tone

Women with this skin tone would look great using lipsticks that are medium pink, light mocha as well as deep berry or deep red in colour. These shades provide a good deal of body.

Medium & Olive Skin Tone

This is the description that would best describe women who are Latino, fair skinned African American and for women from the Mediterranean. The undertones would include the warm shades of olive colors.

Perfect Color Choices for Medium & Olive Skin Tone

Colors that would compliment this skin tone include lipsticks with a caramel or medium brown hue. Strong reds would also look quite striking too.

Dark Skin Tone

Women with a dark skin tone will normally be of African origin or women with Indian origins. The undertones for this skin tone would contain shades of blue and warm browns.

Perfect Colour Choices for Dark Skin Tone

Colors that women with this skin tone should definitely use include anything that is deep red, brown or mahogany. These are perfect shades that work well to highlight the complexion.

Figuring out which category most resembles your own skin tone makes the task of picking out the right make up products so much easier. You should have no trouble choosing the best lipsticks that beautifully compliment your natural skin tone and colouring.


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